Current subscribers activation process:

Users can begin the activation process through several areas on the site:

  • Click on the silhouette of the figure on the upper-right side of screen to access the "login/subscribe now" menu.
  • Click the top-right link in the navigation: "Activate"
  • After clicking through the top-right link from the home page (or any other access point) to "Subscribe," users should see and click on the "Get access" link at the bottom of the "current subscribers" option.

Users will be prompted to enter their account’s primary phone number and ZIP code in order to activate their account.

Non-subscriber activation process:

Non-subscriber users will have access to seven news articles every 30 days before being prompted to subscribe.

Navigating your new e-newspaper is simple.

The main navigation bar is located on the right side of the screen.

  • When your newspaper appears for the day, you will see the front page on the left side of the screen with interactive article index page on the right. This page can also be accessed by selecting the ARTICLE page.


  • The e-newspaper is best viewed when your screen is set to a resolution of at least 1024 pixels wide.
  • Resolution can be changed on a Windows system by going to the following menu: right-click anywhere on the Desktop Background > Properties > Settings
  • Resolution can be changed on an Apple OSX system by going to the following menu: Apple Menu > System Preferences > Display
  • Resolution can be changed on an Apple OS 8 or OS 9 system by going to the following menu: Apple Menu > Control Panel > Monitor

Area Buttons

Advance backward and forward (page-by-page or by selecting first page or last page of the paper).


Advance forward one page at a time.


Display a thumbnail view of all of the pages of the current newspaper. User can select desired page for viewing.


Return to the front page and article index listing. Select news section to advance to the desired content:

  1. Once the news section is selected, the ARTICLE page will provide a headline of all of the news stories in that section. Each headline is linked to the actual story for easy reading.
  2. Once the headline is selected, the user will advance to the news story. The left side of the page will display the entire newspaper page in which the story appeared. The right side of the page will display only the selected news story.


Displays thumbnail view of prior archived editions.


There are two ways to search.

  1. Quick Search: Input keywords in the blank search field to reveal results.
  2. Advance Search: Narrow your search results by inputing specific criteria including dates, keywords and categories (i.e. editorial, advertising, sports, etc.).

Double click the BROWSE button and a circular share button will appear. When the button is clicked, an adjustable cutting tool will frame a portion of the e-newspaper on the left side of the screen. Users can select the desired area to be shared/printed/saved.

This takes a snapshot of the selected portion of the newspaper page.


  • To print, select the "open" option when prompted.
  • To save, select the "save" option when prompted and save it to your device.
  • To email, select the "email" option and fill out the email to/from address field when prompted.

The second way to share content is by selecting an open square share button when you are in an article. Selecting an open square share button permits you to share the content in various ways: TWITTER, FACEBOOK, EMAIL, CLIP, PDF OR PRINT.

Users will be prompted on next steps to take based on the option selected.

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